“Joint ICGEB – ALS Society of Canada Symposium on Inflammation and Proteinopathy in ALS/FTD Spectrum Disorder in Rijeka"is postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new date has yet to be decided and will be posted.





Ivana Munitic (Department of Biotechnology, University of Rijeka, Croatia)

Emanuele Buratti (ICGEB Trieste, Italy)

Jasna Kriz and Jean-Pierre Julien (Laval University, Canada)

Ervina Bilic (Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia)

Srecko Gajovic and Dinko Mitrecic (University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Croatia)

Miranda Mladinic Pejatovic (Department of Biotechnology, University of Rijeka, Croatia)

Pavle Andjus (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

Vladimira Vuletic (Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka, Croatia)

Jasenka Mrsic Pelcic (Faculty of Medicine Rijeka, Croatia)


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DATE: June 26-28, 2020



  • ALS/FTD genetics and mechanisms
  • Proteinopathy in ALS/FTD
  • Immunity in ALS/FTD
  • Clinical studies, biomarkers and emerging therapies in ALS/FTD
  • Related brain disorders



        June 25th, 2020

        University Campus 

  • Swim & Walk for Brain Health

        June 26th, 2020

        Kostrena beach



Pavle Andjus (Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia)

Stanley Appel (Neurological Institute, Weill Cornell Medical College, Houston, USA)

Caterina Bendotti (Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milano, Italy)

Ervina Bilić (Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, ENCALS Zagreb, Croatia)

Séverine Boillée (Brain and Spinal cord Institute, Paris, France)

Fran Borovečki (University Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia)

Robert Bowser (Barrow Neurological Institute, USA)

Emanuele Buratti (ICGEB, Trieste, Italy)

Robert Brown (University of Massachusetts, USA)

Jason Cannon (Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA)

Neil Cashman (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

Heather Durham (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Srećko Gajović (University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia)

Angela Genge (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, Montreal, Canada)

Jean-Pierre Julien (CERVO Brain Research Center, Laval University, Quebec, Canada)

Jasna Kriz (Laval University, Quebec, Canada)

Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne (Harvard Medical School, USA)

Letizia Mazzini (Eastern Piedmont University, Maggiore della Carità Hospital, Novara, Italy)

Chris Miller (King’s College London, London, UK)

Dinko Mitrečić (University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia)

Janice Robertson (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)

Boris Rogelj (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Christine Vande Velde (CHUM, University of Montreal, Canada)

Jochen Weishaupt (Neurocenter, Ulm University, Ulm, Germany)